The one thing missing at the Notion scene.

Notion is an amazing tool, that inspires passion and creativity on minds all over the world. Now is time to empower them and recognize their talent and contribution for our community.

First Edition - 2023

Public Announcement

Notion Goodies!!!

We have some great news!!!

Although Notion Awards is a community initiative and not affiliated with Notion, we're very proud to announce that Notion is kindly going to offer all winners in each category a box of goodies :)

We would like to thank the community manager Francisco Cruz Mendoza for all his help and support :)

Here is how the Notion Awards prize is going to work.

Public Nominations

This award is made from notioneers to notioneers ;)

Do you know an awesome "Notion Person", youtube channel or community?

Well, indicate the name in one of the categories and cross your fingers :)

February, 01 2023 → March, 31 2023



Jury Selection

A jury panel, composed by experienced notioneers will select the 5 top names nominated on each category

April, 15 2023 → April, 30 2023

Community Voting

We'll invite and encourage every single Notion user to choose their favorite nominee in each category

May, 05 2023 → May, 30 2023




Best Influencer

This person's name is basically a synonym of Notion? When you look at his face you immediately remember Notion and how much she/he is responsible for influencing you to get deeper into Notion? Tell us who in this category!


Best Template Creator

Know someone that has literally dozens of available templates, each one better than the other? It's truly a privilege to watch their mind creating new stuff everyday? Indicate them here.


Most Skilled

What? How did they did that? This category is reserved for those individuals, that can handle extremely complicated formulas, relations and rollups to create the most impressive solutions


Best Didactics

You know that person, that can explain the most complicated things in a way anyone can understand? Well, indicate their name here.


Best Community

There is a place where you can find comfort and answers? A community that is your one-stop for help and sharing about Notion? Indicate them here.


Best Youtube Channel

So you know this youtube channel that is absolutely amazing, you learned so much from its videos? Indicate it on this category.

Choose your favorites

The last phase of the award is on!! Your your favorite between the nominees in each category and help us identify and prestige the people that are doing exceptional work on Notion scene.

Notion awards is a community initiative. We are not affiliated with Notion, although if Notion wishes to jump aboard and support us would be awesome !!! :)

Notion Awards

An award made by notioneers for notioneers

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